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Visa Info

Travel in Europe, set of polaroid pictures

Visa info- Malaysia Tourist Visa


• Completed Original Visa Application Form

• 2 recent coloured passport-size photos with white background (35 x 50)

• Passport validity not less than 6 months from travel date and must contain at least 3 continuous 
  empty pages;

• Photocopy of  Passport, previous Malaysian visa (if any);

• Photocopy of Return Air ticket;

• Financial proof i.e personal Bank Statement for the last 3 months or 6 months accompanied by Bank
Solvency Letter/Certificate or International credit card for those living outside of Bangladesh;

• Application Letter from the applicant stating the purpose of visit;

 Other supporting documents :

Trade license/visiting card/ID card (photocopy & notarized),

• Marriage certificate (for first time applicant/Married);

Visa fees:-

Bangladeshi Passport              BDT 6000

Processing period : 7 working days

Visa info- Thailand Tourist Visa


• An application form completely filled out and signed by the applicant

• A valid passport for travelling to Thailand with sufficient remaining validity (Not less than six month)

• One set of passport photocopy page 1-5, correction page, last Thai visa page & renewal page if any

• Two passport-sized photographs (3.5×4.5cm) taken within 6 months

• Evidence of adequate finance e.g. Current Bank Solvency and Bank Statement of the last 6 months with satisfactory transaction (120,000 Taka per family). Only original Bank Statement and Bank Solvency Letter are acceptable. In case of the applicant is sponsored by his/her company and the company Bank Statement and Bank Solvency Letter are submitted, trade license has to be attached. Royal Thai Embassy reserves the right to request for the applicant’s personal Bank Statement.

• A certified copy of an identification of applicant’s sponsor if the applicant submits a sponsor’s Bank Statement and the sponsor is not submitting application together with the applicant

• A copy of air ticket or a booking confirmation or an itinerary

• Visa request letter from the applicant and from office if employed or travel letter from the educational institute or student card/evidence of school enrollment if student

• In case of medical treatment, a copy of appointment letter from a hospital in Thailand and, if applicable, an original letter from a local doctor

• Parents’ consent letter for applicant aged under 18

• Trade license (original notarized English translated and photocopy of the original) if the applicant is a first time traveler or a proprietor

Visa fees:-

Bangladeshi Passport              BDT 4000

Processing period : Minimum 5 working days


Our consultancy services include:

• Your Background & Travel History study,

• Identifying loop hole in the application documentation,

• Preparing best approach for visa application.

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